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Find Us At Popeye’s Gym

Crazy Cafe Crew is open and waiting for you to pop by and try some proper food, from proper locals. The best thing about our part of the country is that we know how to make food on the go and that’s exactly what we are best at here at CCC.

It doesn’t matter if you want sticky fingers, a high calorie munch or healthy food to shed a few pounds or to benefit a training diet, we do it all. And our Steak Sandwich is absolutely amazing! Keep your eyes open as we’ll be on your favourite food ordering apps soon too!

But Wait, It’s Not All Fast Food!

Crazy Cafe Crew are nuts about being healthy, in fact our Chief is currently training for an upcoming fight, so you can expect healthy food and pre prepared meals tailored to you and what you want to achieve, diet-wise. 

So if you want a low carb, high protein meal, we got you. But much more than that, we will prep your meals in bulk so you can stick them in the fridge and not worry about nipping to Asda after work or training.  Stay Healthy!

Right, Let’s Talk Breakfast

Whether you are off to work, just coming off a shift or you just want a proper breakfast cob. Then Crazy Cafe Crew have got your back, with proper breakfast butties, cobs or baguettes.

If you want butter and sauce dripping down your fingers and the sweet, salty taste of the best bacon, you know where to come!

We can do healthy breakfast too, we just want you to drool a bit first and imagine it sizzling away on the blacktop. Can you imagine the smell of bacon now?

So Why Not End or Start Your Day The Crazy Cafe Crew Way!

I mean, just look at one our customers jumping for joy with such a happy face! Only joking, we got that image from somewhere else, but we reckon that’s how you will feel after our food!

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